Control your own

marketing destiny.

Take charge of your future and break free from reliance on web service providers.

The Only Marketing Coaching of its Kind Designed for Business Owners

This is the only course designed to teach business owners what they need to know to create an effective plan, understand the reality of the web, and hold their web services accountable.

This resource allows you to learn what's real from an expert with over 30 years of experience.

What's Included?

The Web is intentionally confusing. As a business owner, you shouldn't try to create your website or manage your ads. Nor should you try to get someone on your team who is "good at computers or social media" to make these plans.

As the owner, you need to know what's possible, create a realistic plan, and then be empowered to ensure your web services do their job.

Section 1: Marketing Myths

"It's easier to sell the myth of a magic bullet than the reality of what it takes to have a strong marketing plan."

Before you can create a plan, you need to know what you can reasonably expect from the Web. Today's web services perpetuate myths to sell you broken, shiny toys packaged in overpromises. This section is designed to offer a sober reality about the internet so you can quickly spot deceptive offers and overpromises and not expect too much from reputable services.

  • Myth: Do-It-Yourself Systems Are Effective
  • Myth: Effective Web Marketing Is Quick
  • Myth: Being Everywhere Is The Key
  • Myth: Potential Customers Will Just Find You On The Web Naturally
  • Myth: Success Is Easy On The Web
  • Myth: All Website Providers Have Your Best Interest In Mind
  • Myth: Internet Marketing Is A One-Time Effort
  • And More!

Free Sample Video - Guarantees Are Just A Sales Pitch

Section 2: Building A Plan Based In Reality


"You didn't get into business to become a web developer or marketing professional. You got into business because you are good at something. Stop thinking you can simply learn an entire profession and discover how to build a plan and hold others accountable for doing their jobs."

Watch a video and answer questions. As you fill out your answers, you will build your strategy one piece at a time. You can then download your plan, share it with professionals, and have a foundation where you can accurately gauge results and determine if you are on the right path.

  • Online Marketing Introduction
  • Domain Name Considerations
  • The Importance of Google Hosting
  • What Is A CMS And Why It Matters
  • Website Architecture Is Critical and Usually Ignored
  • Understand & Implement The Buying Cycle
  • Track The RIGHT Data Or Fly Blind
  • Let's Talk About Paid Ads
  • Get Real About Social Media
  • Email Marketing... Yes, Its Important
  • What Is A Style Guide?
  • SWOT Could Be Your Biggest Revelation
  • Reality Check: Does Your Business Stand A Chance?
  • Competitive Analysis: Ethically See What Your Competitors Are Doing And Shorten The Learning Curve
  • Motivate Potential Customers With Strong Call-To-Actions
  • Active & Passive Marketing - Big Difference With Monumental Implications
  • Intentional SEO - Snake Oil Or Viable?
  • Find Out If Your Current Website Has Potential In Less That 10 Seconds
  • Your Google Business Profile

Section 3: Team & Tools


"Most businesses don't consider three facts. The first is that most web service providers do not have their business's best interest in mind. The second is that most are unqualified to do a good job. The third is that the person you hire to help will control more about your business's destiny than anything else you do."

  • Finding A Competent Web Service
  • What You MUST Know Before Buying any type of marketing

Warning Before You Sign-Up

"I have been at this a long time, and I know there are three general types of business owners when it comes to this type of coaching. The first type will not watch the videos and will skip through them. The second type will pass this information to their web service provider, and the last will take it seriously.

If you plan to skip through the videos or pass this series to your web service provider, you've already lost. This course is for owners who want to understand and control their destiny. If you are not in this position, you should not sign up."

-Ken Carroll, Coach & Founder of


About Ken Carroll & Integris Design LLC

Ken Carroll has been in design and marketing since 1986. Ken has worked with some of the most well-known brands in the Continental United States. In 2006, Ken and April Carroll started what's known today as Integris Design. Their mission is to give businesses of all sizes the best opportunity for success. You can learn more about Integris Design by visiting